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How does this story appeal to yhe strick de​

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The different institutions of our society have already benefited from the advantages that they offer be it in education, entertainment, news, social media, science or military. however, many issues have also come along with the technology wherein image manipulation skills are used to exaggerate images, spread false publicity, and perpetuate gender stereotyping. as part of the consumer community, how can you make use of the knowledge you have learned in promoting ethics in image manipulation? ​
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What are the things of acts that you consider magical
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Explain this qoute: .too often we under estimate the power of a touch a smile akine words a listening ear our honest compliment or the smallest act of caring all of which have a potential to learn a life around briefly
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Name one thing that motivates you during a pageant? ​
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How does this story appeal to yhe strick de​...

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